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“And we created you in pairs” –Surah Naba, Verse 8 of the Holy Quran

Marriage in Islam is a blessed spiritual bond which is an epitome of respect, mutual understanding and affection between the Muslim couple.

Islam does not discriminate or limit the credibility of a Muslim man or a woman when it comes to their age, culture, personality or their current marital status-divorced, unmarried, widow or a widower.

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Why is marriage a contract in Islam?

Let us get a clear picture about the concept of marriage in Islam and remove (or even sweep aside) the clutter and confusion regarding polygamy, divorce, qula ,nikah halala as presented by numerous unauthentic sources on the Internet which shout injustice and wrong practices without understanding the deeper knowledge of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

According to Islam ,muslim matrimony is not considered to be ‘made in heaven’ between ‘soul-mates’ destined for each other; they are not sacraments. They are social contracts which bring rights and obligations to both parties, and can only be successful when these are mutually respected and cherished.
If and when such contracts are broken, either party is entitled to seek divorce. It is not assumed that a couple will remain together ’till death do us part’.

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So, many might think why such a life-changing decision of muslim matrimony is taken so lightly in Islam and termed as a “contract” between the Muslim couple ?

This is because the Creator of the Universe, Allah SWT created us humans of varied forms, natures, personalities ,cultures and attributes.
No two people are the same and considering that even conjoined twins have a personality of their own, how can we expect a man and a woman to have the same or even similar thought process, upbringing style and environment ?

If they agree to marry, they can with all respect and consent continue their marriage till death in peace …
But, if they cannot continue together for more than a month, then do you think they can drag their “till death do us apart” marriage till “eternity”?

Would it not be foolishness to continue living with each other in mental and psychological pain or even abuse of any sort ?

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The justification by the Al-Hakam

If we read the newsfeeds everyday, we may come across regular cases of domestic violence, suicide, female infanticide, sexual abuse in marriage, marital rape, forced prostitution by life partners and even worse …

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So, why do you think such cases are occurring on a regular basis since time immemorial ?
Could not the people who were victims of the above mentioned tragedies of their marital life have escaped it if they knew that their life partner was not right for them?

Should they have been stuck in their marriage forever since the society would question their divorce due to their “petty issues” ?

This takes us back to point number 1 …

Islam is realistic, and aware that many muslim marriages can go wrong and break down for all sorts of reasons.

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It is a religion which gives every believing Muslim to lead a happy life according to their will and happiness , but following the rules of the Shariah so that they do not exceed their limits and misuse their rights in Islam.
Every aspect of Islam is so beautifully balanced and explained that you could never have thought of a better solution for it , ever !

And you can never thank the Giver of Justice , The Arbitrator (Allah SWT )enough for having given you that second chance and for emptying your life again to only fill it with a better partner who you really deserve.
He is the Knower of the Unseen and we need to be patient , strong and increase our Iman to understand the reason behind the trials of life.

Every Muslim deserves a second chance, a second Islamic marriage , remarriage and the right of marriage if they are already post 30 !

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Why choose us?

Private profiles- All profiles are private and only shown to registered users. Apart, you do not want your profile to show up when people Google single Muslim .
We totally respect your need for complete privacy and assure you that your personal details will be in safe hands.

Only for 30 years and older- We are the only website for Muslims that caters to 30 years and older Muslim bride and groom.
We understand the need of the hour. Many sincere and practicing Muslims who could beautify their marriage if given a second chance could be at risk of falling into the trap of the Shaitaan.
Indeed, the best way to protect our Ummah is to promote Muslims with broken marriages to marry again and not let any woman remain a widow or unmarried because of her age or her past .

In-depth profiling-We do in-depth profiling of prospects and ask them the uncomfortable questions! Questions relating to their household, in-laws and expectations from each other. We try to gather as much information as possible from the prospect so as to empower the users to make an informed decision. At this age you don’t want to experiment with your life and most importantly, you exactly know what you want! Some of these questions are considered taboo, avoided and left for the spouses to regret in future.

All paid profile. No fake profiles-Unlike a million other matrimonial website we are a 100% paid website. This means only members who are proactively looking to get married are registered with us.
We are working more every day to add more security features to prevent any kind of spammers and disgruntled people to login and disorient our initiative.
We are taking big steps towards triple checking the submitted documents and verification to prevent any kind of fake profiles in our site.

Awesome PDF profiles-We understand at times you are required to forward your profile to your friends and family. We will make beautiful profile for you which you can download as pdf.
You do not have to waste your precious money and time running after designers to create the perfect profile to increase your chances of getting noticed.

Opt for verified profiles-You can easily opt for verified profiles by submitting legal documents like Aadhaar Card, Driving License or Passport.

Phone number masking-We are working on making the website more secure and for this we will be adding a functionality of calling your matches without your or their number being disclosed. If both of you consensually agree, you can exchange your number on the same phone call. This feature will be available in the first quarter of 2019.

Weekly email with matches-We will email you customised matches every week.
So, you can easily have a look at their profiles over the weekend and connect with those profiles you have shortlisted immediately on the website.

Algorithm matching- We employ algorithm matching software to match with the best possible profile after rigorous matching of your expected features and attributes in your desired match.
For example if a woman does not want to stay with her future in laws the system will not show the profile of a man who wants his future wife to stay with his family/ parents. We know this will make for lesser options but the most targeted ones will pop up for you.

Affordable-We are charging close to ₹10 a day, which is affordable or maybe cheap compared to other highly rated and popular “muslim matrimony” websites.
This is a very small price to pay considering the fact that almost 99% muslim matrimony websites target the “lesser than 30”, ”fair and tall”, ”not divorced”, “earning in lakhs” category nowadays !

This is a real website for those really interested in finding partners who are really aware of your current situation in life and can relate to it completely.
We respect all Muslims irrespective of their age, marital status, culture and upbringing and hope they all come forward to push themselves and relatives or friends who are in similar situations to give themselves that second chance !

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