Muslim matrimony in Mumbai

The island city of Mumbai has been host and home to Muslims who first came here during the period of the Sahaba around the 7th century. The Sahaba who came here for business and for spreading the message of Allah settled down and from their on Muslims have been known to be a part of the city.

Muslims comprise approximately 21% of the city population. According to a few estimates as much as 25 lac Muslims live in Mumbai city. Muslims who live here follow all that is commanded to them by Allah SWT and they try to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet PBUH to the dot. One of the Prophets PBUH’s prime Sunnah is his marriage to the Ummul Mumineens. The Prophet PBUH married 11 times during his life. First woman he PBUH married was Umme Khadija RA, he the Prophet was 25 years old and Umme Khadija RA was 40 years old (15years older to him) and two time widower. She already had children from her previous marriage. Our Prophet married her and had 4 beautiful daughters and 2 sons out of this wedlock. The marriage between the Prophet PBUH and Ummul Mumineen Khadijah RA stayed healthy strong for 25 years. When she passed away our Prophet PBUH was 53years old. The death of Umme Khadijah RA came as a tough blow on the Prophet PBUH’s life.

Muslims all over the world try to follow him in every aspect. Marriage/ matrimony was one very important part of his life.

Matrimony keeps one away from all kinds of evil, especially those arising out of nafs and helps keep man and woman chaste. Their are numerous hadiths which discusses about the importance of marriage-

“Marriage is half deen”

“Marriage is easy”

Marriage was really easy during the times of the Prophet PBUH but now with the passage of time we have made it difficult by involving a lot of unnecessary cultures, rituals and customs.

We at  are trying to make marriages easy again. We are trying to help Muslims by proving them relevant matches in their own neighborhood and city.

Muslim matrimony in Mumbai- the main Muslim neighborhood in the city of Mumbai.

Muslim matrimony in Mumbai central, Nagpada, Byculla, Bhendi bazar, Dongri, Chaar null, Grant road, Mohammed Ali Road, etc. This is the part of the old city and most densely populated places in Mumbai.

Muslim matrimony in Mahim and Bandra- this part of the city is the contrast to the extreme. Mahim hosts the largest slum in Asia called Dharavi. A lot of its inhabitants come to Mumbai in search for halal rozi and they happen to settle down here. Dharavi has a lot of people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Bandra east is also the ghettoized. On the contrary Bandra west is luxury and very upscale. The neighborhood of Almeida Park, Perry cross, Pali naka, carter road is all glitter and solid gold.

Muslim matrimony in Kurla- Kurla is an important suburb of central Mumbai and comes on the central railway line for local transport. Kurla has a good majority of Muslims.

Muslim matrimony in Andheri- Andheri is a city in itself. Its huge from the Yaari road in Versova to Sakinaka, it is all Andheri. Andheri east has become the new commercial centre for Mumbai corporates. Andheri has international airport, Mumbai’s first Metro line and has a residential area by the name of Lokhandwala which is home to a lot of bollywood celebrities and most wannabe actors.

Muslim matrimony in Jogeshwari- Jogeshwari is the new town. Most people who left South Bombay due to the growing family size shifted here as it was commercially viable. Now, Jogeshwari has become one of the most sought after Muslim neighbourhood of Bombay.

Muslim matrimony in Malad- most Muslim people in Malad are from service class, areas like Pathanwadi in Malad east and Malwani in Malad west are home to the most number of Muslims in Malad.

Muslim matrimony in Mira road- people who left South Mumbai (town) are the ones mostly living here. This suburb was salt pan earlier and has developed in less than 30 years. Naya Nagar in Mira road has the most Muslims living there.

Muslim matrimony in Nallasopara- if a far away suburb of Mumbai. Which basically comes in Thane district. Muslims are known to be in large numbers there.

Muslim matrimony in Mumbra- Mumbra is the largest Muslim ghetto in Mumbai. It officially comes in Thane district. Most people from Mumbra travel to South Mumbai for their livelihood. Kausa is almost a part of Mumbra.

Muslim matrimony in Nerul- Nerul is a very well planned place in Navi Mumbai (New Bombay). The entire Nerul is planned and developed by CIDCO, has wide roads and open spaces for recreation. Muslims are in decent numbers, a large number of the Muslims in Nerul are from the Konkan region of Alibaug, Murud, Mangaon, Nagothane, Pen, Dapoli, Mhasla, Shrivardhan, etc.

The areas mentioned above covers almost all of Mumbai’s 90% Muslims.

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