Muslim matrimony in India

Muslim matrimony in India for 30years and older is unfair to the female gender and is very kind to its male counterpart. Matrimony in India has this unsaid rules which are hard to beat and does not have any factual or traditional (hadith) proof. The most common ones I can think of are

  1. Groom must be 5 to 7years older than the bride.
  2. Groom and bride must be from the same caste (surname).
  3. Groom though divorced/ widower has a fairly decent chance of getting married to a never married bride.

I have been running this website for almost 23 months now. Account deactivation request from man are very common due to finding a match very quickly. On the contrary the deactivation request I get from women are due to being pursued by men who are not at par with their expectation. Or the most common reason is that they are unable to find matches. This is due to the fact men get married very quickly because they of the mindset of the community as their options are multi fold like I stated earlier that a divorced/ widower man can still get a never married woman as bride.

The percentage of woman on dating website is very low and their registration on matrimony website is very high if not equal to men. Matrimony in India is far bigger a problem than we think it is, even if you take the religious angle in consideration most ulema will prefer/ advice man to take a younger unmarried wife. This leads to the problem that men who are aged upto 37 still have a fairly decent chance of getting a woman in her twenties.

I did a quick analysis of the education and income profile of women on my website and it is at par if not better than that of men. Most of these women are doing exceptionally well in their career and want to get married to a man who understand this and support them in-turn they are let down when they see the choices. does its profiling in a way that it almost eliminates the chances of mistakes we ask both the genders in-depth questions to women-
If they are willing to stay in a joint family after marriage?
They clarify that they want to pursue their career after marriage?

and to men-
Do they want their future wife to take care of their parents after marriage?
Do they want their future wife to work after marriage? etc

This enables both gender to take better decision and not to make a mistake which they might not have the time to regret.

We currently have close to 2000 profiles and almost from all parts of India. We take geographical data from the profile including the pin-code so you know where you future partner is from and also ask about their native.

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