How to get married?

Isn’t this a million dollar question. There are many brothers and sisters who are waiting to get married. I wish there was a simpler answer to this question. May be their is, when Allah wishes you to get married, you will.

On the other hand Allah SWT has commanded the believer to not delay marriage just as He has commanded the believer to not delay Salah when the time comes, and not delay funeral. We on the other hand do not follow the commandments of Allah SWT and time keeps passing. I am not generalizing it, many people do not get a match as per their expectations, some due to monetary issues, health issues and other very valid reasons.

It has been three months that is consuming the maximum number of hours in my life after sleep. I have personally spoken to a lot of people including some very good match makers who often tell me that expectations are so high that many a times good match is over looked. I humbly request you to consider the proposals you get, give it a little time, do isthikhara and if it doesn’t suits you, look for another one. Consider and other people will be considerate of you.

Here are some tips to have to help you get married-

Start by looking for a match among your relatives

This is often the most overlooked option when looking for a match due to unreasonable reason. It has a lot of myth surrounding it. I have often hear people saying if the relationship doesn’t work the entire family chemistry is at stake. Just because something happened to someone doesn’t mean it will happen to you. Apart, the kind of expectations you from Allah, you will find Allah that way. If you think Allah is the most kind, you will find Him the most kind. Have good expectation from Him.

Inform the Imam of your local mosque that you are looking for a match

For reasons unbeknownst to me people have almost given up on this culture of asking the Imam to suggest matches. Our predecessors used to follow this practice and it has always worked. In the western world this is the most preferred way to get a match.

Get in touch with local matchmakers / elders of your area and inform them you are looking for a match

Local match makers are always up to date with matrimony requirements in the neighborhood. Usually people ask everyone except them and it so happens that the match might be living in the next building but we never looked there. There is a very apt hindi saying for it “bagal mai chhora aur shehar mai dhindora.”

Ask the host of your local ijtema gathering to look for you

You can get in touch with the host of your local religious gathering to look for you. These people are well informed about the vicinity and might be able to connect you with suitable matches.

Ask your friends to look in their extended circle

Last time I heard this story of a friend getting a match, by his friend’s Facebook post. His friend happened to post on his wall that “a very close friend of mine, who is religious, well settled, has his own house in jogeshwari is looking for a match” he happened to get a direct message which led to this marriage. Ask your friend to do it. As the English say “a friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Keep making dua. Dua does it all

You can also start by creating an account with a platform for Muslim man and Muslim woman to get married.

You can also start by creating an account with a platform for Muslim man and Muslim woman to get married

We now have more than 1900 profiles.

Step 1- Buying membership

Buying the membership with is easy. You click the link at the bottom of the page and proceed to buy membership. The annual charges per person is ₹3600 once you are done with it. You will be sent an email with the account creation link.

Step 2- Creating and updating your profile

Update your profile, write genuine answers, write all details about you and your expectations, give at least one number of your guardian that adds a lot of credibility to the profile, update at least 4 to 5 pictures to reduce chances of rejection after proposals have been through.

Step 3- Searching and messaging your matches

You can search for profiles and start talking to your matches.

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