nikah.io is a Muslim matrimony website for the Muslim males and females who are 30 years above.

Why 30 years and above?
The irony is, your brain isn’t fully developed until the age of 25. But all those “mature” minds are not able to find a suitable match after crossing 30.

Moreover, men look for younger women to help them extend their family whereas women want mature men who are financially stable and emotionally compatible. I have created
nikah.io a suitable platform for eligible Muslim men to meet their 
compatible Muslim woman. Sign up today and connect with your match. My only aim in creating this platform was to keep everything simple, easy to use and most importantly a platform that works. A place where like minded people unite to form a beautiful union – Nikah.

My story
I’m Samir Mohammed. Since my school days, I was fascinated with the
internet and how it worked. I was not concerned with the technical part but the web that we see in the browser – do you remember Netscape? I remember those days I used AltaVista.com / DogPile.com as my search engine and Yahoo for everything else. Often at times, I tried checking the source-code just to crack the code of how it was created? I needed to know HTML tags that were used blah blah.

The memories of visiting the VSNL Office in Fort to buy the dialup connection CD is still fresh. Back in those days, connecting a computer to the internet needed a lot many steps and a great deal of patience. Our devices were not automatically connected to the internet at all times. Internet usage was timed. Connecting your device, mostly a desktop computer, made you feel like nothing less than a rocket scientist or an engineer.

Things developed with time and then I created my first website in and around 2000. I named it Islam in India but at that time I had no technical knowledge of how to put my website on the internet. In the year 2003, I hired a local company to create my first website in PHP. I guess during those days it was called dynamic pages/database driven websites. One of the team members is still in touch with me. He is based in Qatar now. Before this company, I had hired another one located in the Bandra West / Khar area to make desktop-based inventory management software but somehow it didn’t work out as planned.

In 2005-05, I hired another developer to take the software development one notch up. We are still in touch. Currently, he is based in Houston.

In 2007, after my graduation and also my marriage 😉 I founded a company that would take outsourced work from Canada and develop websites and deliver. I remember asking myself why am I working for someone else when I can develop a product on my own. It doesn’t mean I was selfish or greedy, the reason was simple, most of the time, the client would never understand what I wanted. Plus the kind of inputs I received from clients damaged my gray cells or technical skills. Check this comic by Matthew Inman to know how I felt (https://theoatmeal.com/comics/design_hell).

By 2011 I was able to develop a product (website) which fetched me good revenue. I think I made some $11k but due to some unfortunate developments at the personal front I had to say goodbye to IT – my passion.

All those years, even though I was not actively involved in the IT industry, but I never lost touch with the tech world and did not miss a single newsletter from TechCrunch / ProductHunt. I worked on a freelance basis as a consultant from time to time.

You know you have to return to the roots and do the things you enjoy doing. IT was love to me, and as a married man with kids, I understood what marriage is and what are the key ingredients that make a marriage successful. I hired a few writers in 2017 and we churned a few 100 articles that are still live on the internet and help people in bad relationships.

I have been through therapy myself and learned how to make my marriage a success. I have visited Dr. Anand / Dr. Syeda and many other psychiatrists/psychologists.

Triple Talaaq
You might remember the triple talaaq bill and the outrage it caused. I had a chance to attend a few meetings by AIMPLB and I fiercely pushed the idea of premarital counseling but it seems my voice got completely ignored.

As far as my understanding of relationships goes, a lot of marriages can be saved provided realistic expectations are set from the very beginning. My intention for starting is not just to make a matrimony website but to help – Despaired men and women who have lost hope of getting their match. And I also intend to create a union or help form a relationship that works with the least friction.

On our website, the forms are designed in a way that clear expectations. We ask questions that are very vital but are mostly ignored.

Questions like- will the woman be allowed to work after marriage? What will be the family structure she is getting married into? How much does her future husband earn? Etc.

At this age, we do not want you to make a mistake that you might not have time to regret.

My trigger to take up this venture was an incident where I was with a very close friend of mine. I heard a matchmaker from Bandra telling her staff not to accept profiles of women above 30years of age as it is very difficult to find them a match. It just triggered me to do something about it and in September of 2018 I started working on it and come November 2018,
nikah.io was launched.

What we want from you?
I am writing this in September of 2020 with more than 1900 members and dozens of compatible matches. I can tell you the journey has been tough, tiresome, and exhausting. I need your support to continue working. If you think my intentions are pure and my efforts are materializing, come, become a member, or pass on our information to someone who is looking for a match in your circle. To help spread the word, please click the WhatsApp link. It will copy the content for you, and help you forward it to your loved ones who are looking for a suitable match.

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